Special Olympics and Our Council

How Council 13935 has made working with Special athletes a special priority.

Local Special Olympics athletes
Grand Knight Benny Marasa (far right) with Special Olympics athlete, Nate Jacobs (2nd to right); his father and coach; Doug Jacobs (middle); Special Olympics North East Director, Heather Schneider (2nd to left) and Nate’s mother, Sue Jacobs (far left).

Our council have been active financial supporters of the local Special Olympics for a decade. In previous years we have given over $5000 in financial support to the North East chapter of Special Olympics. This decade long relationship will continue on in perpetuity. This year we will do so with even greater fervor. As our council is doubling down last year’s giving to $2000.

We have the great opportunity and ability to do this by way of two major fundraisers. They are our annual calendar raffle and the Red White and Blue raffle. Next time when you, as brother knight, sells a calendar or a RWB raffle think about all the good that it does.

What does Special Olympics do?

Straight from the Special Olympics website the mission is as follows:

Being partners with the Special Olympics speaks to our orders need and desire to promote the Gospel of Life. It is just one of the many organizations, dedicated to people with special needs, that our council helps. Other worthy causes include Pike Autism Support Services, Pike County Developmental Center, and Center for Developmental Disabilities.

Pennsylvania State Council

The Pennsylvania State Council Life Director, Brother Jack Rosati, has made it a top tier goal to give more to Special Olympics. The goal for us this year is to give $100,000 statewide. As of the writing of this email all councils have surpassed the half-way mark. Our council’s additional $1000 this year will be a significant gain for this growing relationship.

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