National March for Life 2024

Brother Knight Marches for Life in Washington DC

Brother Knight Tony Perito attended the National March for Life in Washington DC. While there he attended the National Prayer Vigil at the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. There he joined the Supreme Knight and hundreds of other Brother Knights, along with hundreds others of Catholic faithful. Brother Tony also had the opportunity to work alongside Brother Knights from around the country and the Sisters of Life at Life Fest, an event organized by the Knights of Columbus. Life Fest was the morning before the March. Mass was celebrated by the Supreme Chaplain Bishop Lori. From estimates over a hundred thousand people attended the┬ámarch. The theme of this year’s march was “With Every Woman, For Every Child”, a theme that perfectly lines up with the Knights ASAP program, a program our council takes full advantage of.

March for Life

The picture to the Left was taken by our council’s life director, Tony Perito. Tony said “you couldn’t see the beginning or the end of the march. And that’s not just because it was snowing”. What’s always so amazing from the march is the amount of young people and the diverse crowed of supporters.

Rally before the National March for Life

March for Life
Shrine of the Basilica of The Immaculate Conception

Inside Immaculate Conception Basilica Washinton DC January 19, 2024

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