Prayer for Radical Solidarity

A Prayer to bring us closer to the Will of God to help promote the Gospel of Life

The Visitation by Karl Von Blaas

The Gospel of Life is the part of Catholic teaching that speaks to the idea that all life is inherently valuable: This means we are all created in God’s own image. Best of all of this was summarized by our council’s patronal saint, Pope John Paul II. In 1995, his encyclical Evangiulium vitae talks about the need to stand in radical solidarity with families in need.

Here in the United States, we have always been involved in that message. Especially in a significant way that we, The Knights, attended the first March for Life in 1974. And, we have been there every year after. A wonderful short documentary made by the Supreme Council titled March for Life: Transforming Hearts and Minds does a good job showing that, I highly recommend it. Our actions for life are huge! Programs like ASAP and Special Olympics show our council’s dedication to the cause of life.

Having a consistent prayer life, by talking and petitioning to Our Father, is a must in the spiritual battle ahead of us. The USCCB has put together an entire suite of resources to help parishes better promote the Gospel of Life. One of these resources is the Prayer for Radical Solidarity. I would highly encourage you read, meditate, and recite this prayer regularly. As it is prayer that will truly change our own hearts and minds.

Prayer for Radical Solidarity

O Blessed Mother, at the angel’s word you went in haste to the aid of your cousin Elizabeth. Although pregnant yourself, you placed her needs before your own.

By your example of radical solidarity, teach us to reverence and protect those in need, without conditions or expectations. Ask your Son to give us unfailing determination to witness to the profound dignity of every person, at every stage and in every circumstance.

In that first Eucharistic procession, you carried Jesus to Elizabeth in her time of need. Obtain for us the grace to bring Christ to any expectant mother who is alone and afraid.

May our support help them to find hope and strength in the Lord. Amen.


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