• Monthly Holy Hour
    A Monthly Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament On the third Tuesday of every month our council sponsors a monthly holy hour. Gene Burns is the chairman of this program. On top of organizing the event with the parish Gene also leads the group in a few short meditations. Attendees of the holy hour of course
  • Soup-er Bowl Sunday 2024
    Feeding Mouths and Helping Others If you were at a restaurant on February 9th in Pike county odds are you saw Knights collecting soup for our council’s annual Soup-er Bowl fundraiser. The Soup-er Bowl fundraiser is a simple premise. Work with local restaurants who have a charitable heart, some places give two containers others give
  • March Meetings 2024
    The Monthly Meetings for February will take place Thursday, February 18th.  Officers' meeting a
  • 2024 Be A Catholic Man Lenten Retreat
    Spiritual Direction: I’m Not Lost-I’m Wondering Catholic spiritual retreats are a time for individuals to temporarily step away from their daily routines and responsibilities to focus on deepening their relationship with God. These retreats typically involve prayer, reflection, spiritual guidance, and silence in a peaceful and contemplative setting. They can last anywhere from a few
  • Exemplification of the Third Degree
    Welcoming in New Brothers through the Exemplification ceremony of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity When it comes to ceremonies and tradition the Catholic Church, in general, and the Knights of Columbus, specifically, is not lacking. One of the most rewarding and informative ceremonies our order has is the Exemplification of the Third Degree. Since 2020 the