Family Fully Alive

Prayer and Pizza at Live Stations of the Cross

Our council will be serving pizza and handing our Family Fully Alive booklets at the Live Stations of the Cross. The Live Stations of the Cross will take place on March 22nd at St. Patrick’s Church at 6:30pm. John Paul II Council 13935 will also be handing our the Family Fully Alive booklets provided by the Supreme Council.

Family Fully Alive Booklets

The Knights of Columbus Family Fully Alive program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at strengthening family life and promoting the values of faith, unity, and service within the community. This program seeks to empower families to live out their faith more fully and actively.

At its core, the Family Fully Alive program focuses on four key pillars:


Encouraging families to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, sacraments, and spiritual practices. This pillar emphasizes the importance of regular attendance at Mass, participation in religious education programs, and the incorporation of prayer into daily life.


Highlighting the significance of strong familial bonds and healthy relationships. The program provides resources and support to help families communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and spend quality time together. It also promotes the value of marriage and parenthood as sacred vocations.


Inspiring families to be actively engaged in their local communities and to serve others with compassion and generosity. Through charitable initiatives, volunteer work, and outreach programs, families are encouraged to make a positive impact on society and to live out the principles of solidarity and social justice.


Advocating for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. This pillar of the program promotes a culture of life and defends the dignity and rights of every individual, especially the most vulnerable members of society. It encourages families to support pro-life causes and to be witnesses for the sanctity of life in their everyday lives.

The Family Fully Alive program provides a variety of resources, including educational materials, workshops, retreats, and community events, to help families grow spiritually, strengthen their relationships, and live out their faith in practical ways. By fostering a culture of faith, unity, and service within families and communities, the program seeks to promote the common good and build a brighter future for all.

Call to Action

All Brother Knights who are available to attend the event are encouraged to do so. As the future of our council, parish, and Church is the youth. Let’s come together to show them who Catholic gentlemen are.

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