St. Patrick’s Parade 2024

The Knights of John Paul II Council prepare to step off on this historic St Patrick’s Day Event.

Brothers March in Milford’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

John Paul II council was prominently displayed at Milford’s inaugural St. Patrick’s Day parade. In the above photo from left to right: Paul Schatteman, Tony Perito, Ron Jason, Larry Commisso, Paul Wojcik, Benny Marasa, Greg Chelak, Steve Celentano. Gene Grimes joined our brigade soon after the photo was taken. Brothers Joe Dooley, Joe Saski, Mark Madsen and Matt Osterberg also marched in other parts of the parade.

A big special thanks to brother Joe Dooley for organizing the event and placing us right at the beginning of the parade.

Knights of Columbus and St. Patrick’s Day Parades

The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in 1882 in New Haven, Connecticut, have actively participated in St. Patrick’s Day parades across the United States and beyond. St. Patrick’s Day, annually celebrated on March 17th, honors the patron saint of Ireland and has evolved into a widely celebrated cultural and religious holiday.

The Knights of Columbus’ involvement in St. Patrick’s Day parades dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries when Irish immigrants, many of whom were Catholics, sought to celebrate their heritage and faith in their new homeland. As the organization expanded, so did its participation in community events, including St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Throughout the years, Knights of Columbus councils have played various roles in St. Patrick’s Day parades, including marching as a group, assisting with organizing and logistics, and sponsoring associated events. Their participation often reflects the organization’s commitment to faith, community service, and the promotion of Irish heritage.

In many cities with large Irish-American populations, such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia, Knights of Columbus members proudly march in their distinctive regalia alongside other community groups, bands, and organizations. Their presence symbolizes solidarity with the Irish-American community and underscores their dedication to charitable works and community involvement.

Over the years, the Knights of Columbus’ involvement in St. Patrick’s Day parades has become a cherished tradition, highlighting the organization’s values of fraternity, unity, and patriotism while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Ireland. Today, Knights of Columbus councils continue to actively participate in St. Patrick’s Day parades worldwide, maintaining their longstanding commitment to faith, family, and community.

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