Christ has Risen! Happy Easter 2024!

On behalf of all the officers and the council as a whole I’d like to wish all our brother Knights, their families, and everyone a Happy Easter! In the 2024th year of our Lord we can proudly claim the Easter proclamation: Christus Surrexit! Christ has Risen! The full Easter proclamation can be found on the USCCB website. The beginning of the proclamation goes…

Exult, let them exult, the hosts of heaven,
exult, let Angel ministers of God exult,
let the trumpet of salvation
sound aloud our mighty King’s triumph!


The Exsultet

The Catholic Easter Proclamation, also known as the Exsultet (from the Latin word “exsultet,” meaning “let them rejoice”), is a hymn of praise traditionally sung during the Easter Vigil, which marks the beginning of the Easter celebration. This proclamation is a solemn and joyous declaration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the victory of light over darkness, life over death.

The Exsultet typically begins with a deacon or priest holding a special candle, known as the Paschal candle, which symbolizes the risen Christ. The candle is lit from the Easter fire, which is blessed at the start of the vigil. As the candle is carried into the darkened church, the deacon or priest sings or chants the Exsultet, often accompanied by the congregation.

The proclamation consists of poetic verses that recount the story of salvation history, from the creation of the world to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It praises God for His wondrous deeds and marvels at the mystery of Christ’s resurrection. The Exsultet also calls upon the faithful to rejoice in the triumph of Christ and to join in the celebration of Easter.

Throughout the proclamation, there are rich biblical allusions and imagery, drawing upon themes of light, darkness, liberation, and redemption. The Exsultet is a profound expression of the Christian faith, celebrating the central event of salvation and inviting believers to participate fully in the joy of Easter.

In addition to its liturgical significance, the Exsultet serves as a powerful symbol of hope and renewal for believers, reminding them of the enduring light of Christ that dispels the darkness of sin and death. It is a moment of profound spiritual significance within the Easter liturgy, inviting worshippers to enter into the mystery of Christ’s resurrection with hearts full of joy and gratitude.

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